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It's 2024 and Marketing Still Matters

A Podcast 20 years in the making about all things Marketing. Hosted by Joshua Brown, Founder & CEO at Soulheart, Marketing Still Matters is designed to give you one major takeaway each episode that you can directly apply to your business to actually grow.

Joshua Brown in a coffee shop in Portland, OR
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Why does it matter?

Marketing at its core is one of the largest drivers of business in the world. You might use another buzz word for it — branding, positioning, creative, advertising, social, web, etc. But the reality is everything boils down to sales and marketing.

And we believe marketing not only matters, it works.

“Marketing Still Matters is one of the more exciting podcasts I've listened to in a long time because of all the tangible takeaways I can apply to my business immediately. Highly recommend!”

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Hosted by Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown is a seasoned marketer with more than 20 years of experience working alongside some of the country’s largest brands. Backed with both Nonprofit and Small Business experience, Joshua’s approach to marketing is carefully crafted, data-driven, and creative at the core. Growing up on a farm in the backwoods of KY developed a work ethic that has allowed him to become one of the nation’s sought after voices in the world of marketing, business and sales.

Joshua Brown in Coastal Oregon

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